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Updated 31 March, 2024

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the Pagescope application for the Web and mobile devices that were created by Pagescope as a Commercial service. This service is intended for use "AS IS".

What data we do collect

  • Account Information: when you sign up for a Pagescope account we require an email address and a password - and that's it. When you log in, you will input your email and password so we can verify it is you.
  • Payment and Contact information: we partner with Stripe to manage subscriptions. The only information we send to Stripe is your email address, so Stripe can notify you in case of a payment issue or issue reminders. Stripe may collect some information from you; for more info, we recommend you have a look at Stripe's privacy policy as well. When you start a subscription, we'll receive some information from Stripe, like your name, credit card information, and optionally some other contact information. We will only store the status of the subscription (is it trialing, active, cancelled, etc.), when the subscription started and when it will end, and the Pagescope subscription plan you have chosen.
  • Digital Content: we store any e-book you upload to Pagescope, together with the reading progress of each book and any highlights you decide to add. A timestamp (date and time of day) is stored together with this information.
    Note: files (e-books, journals, documents, scientific papers, etc.) you upload to Pagescope may embed some metadata, which may contain names, locations, and other personal information. This information is retained by Pagescope as it is embedded in the files you upload, but it is NOT accessed nor processed in any way by Pagescope.
  • Necessary / Essential Cookies: We use cookies to store certain information. A cookie is a small file placed on your device. These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of Pagescope, as they help to authenticate users (session cookies) and store some settings (persistent cookies). These cookies are NOT used to track information about you.
  • Logs: like every piece of software, Pagescope collects production logs for diagnostics. These logs include:
    User Action Action Timestamp User ID Book ID Action Status E.g. book_uploaded, progress_updated, highlight_added The date and time of the action The User ID that triggered the action The Book ID the action refers to If the action succeeded or errored, and what was the error

What data we DON'T collect

  • While information like your IP address, Browser type (User-Agent), and Operating System do arrive at Pagescope's servers, this information is NOT stored.
  • We do NOT track your location. You can verify this easily: both the Pagescope website and the Pagescope mobile apps do not require any location access permission.
  • We do NOT read nor parse any content you upload on our servers; the reading and parsing are done on YOUR device for visualization purposes only.

Use of Your Personal Data

  • To provide our service: this allows us to provide you with the service you subscribed to
  • To monitor our service: we analyze production logs to monitor our service for errors
  • To contact you via email regarding updates related to your subscription status and general information about our service, and to answer support requests.